Jordan Love: All I can really do is learn as much as I can

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ press conference after the NFC Championship Game spurred a new round of discussion about how much longer he’ll be the starter in Green Bay.

That was a popular topic last April when Jordan Love was drafted in the first round and General Manager Brian Gutekunst responded to the recent flare up this week by saying he expects Rodgers to remain the offensive leader for the “next few years.”

Plans can change, but that wouldn’t leave much room for Love to play if they don’t. On Tuesday, Love said he can’t do much but work to improve while everything plays out.

“The situation I’m in, they brought me in to learn as much as I can, and that’s really all I can do,” Love said, via “I don’t make those calls; they do. Obviously, [like] anybody, you wanna be out there competing. The way I look at it, if I’m not ready to be out there, then I have to keep working. I mean, I definitely grew a lot during the season. It’s a lot when you first get there, your head’s kinda spinning, but once you get your feet into it and get through the season, your confidence gains.”

Watching how Rodgers handles his business has been a big part of Love’s football education and this offseason could bring more clarity to how long he’ll be in that mode for the Packers.