Drunk and disorientated boy, 15, fell to his death from city centre car park

A “well-loved” teenager fell to his death from a city centre car park after drinking alcohol, an inquest heard.

Gabriel Santer, 15, had enough drink in his system to cause severe intoxication and disorientation, a hearing was told.

The schoolboy fell from a multi-storey car park in the centre of Liverpool at around 8.25pm on October 3.

Coroner Andre Rebello recorded an open verdict today and said he was confident no one else was involved in the tragic incident.

He said that he believed Gabriel did not intend to take his own life and it could have been an “accident”, but added that it would not be right to speculate.

Addressing the schoolboy’s dad, Jonathan David Santer, Mr Rebello said he was “not satisfied” Gabriel took his own life and “intended death by his actions”.

The inquest, which was held at the Gerard Majella Courthouse this morning, heard Gabriel, known as Gabe, had sufficient alcohol in his system to cause “severe intoxication and disorientation”.

Mr Rebello said: “It may well be that Gabriel was given alcohol, confused, disorientated, anything could have been going on, I’m not prepared to speculate.”

“Given the alcohol there is no evidence as to what was going on at the moment in Gabriel’s mind.”

“So this is possibly an accident, possibly something else, I can’t speculate which, so an open conclusion is an honest way of recording what we know, rather than speculating.”

Speaking to Mr Santer, Mr Rebello said: “Life is fragile as I’ve said and part of our humanity is that we’re all flawed and that we learn through life, even though we learn as we get older, we repeat the same mistakes.

“So why would someone expect a 15-year-old to know what to do to have avoided this?

“I don’t know, because Gabriel is exactly the same as me and you, he is human, flawed, we get things out of proportion, we make mistakes.”

“Gabriel’s life is as precious as any life that has ever lived, Gabriel shares the same humanity we all do, but the beauty of humanity is we have individuality.

“Gabriel was a unique and individual person that will have made and will continue to make a mark on society in which he lived and on his family and friends, and life is so precious that though he died before 16 he will alter the course of history.

“Those relationships that were built up during his life will affect not just family and friends but people at school, college and future generations because you can celebrate his life.”

After Gabe’s death, a spokesperson for Calderstones School, which he attended, described him as “well-loved and charismatic”.

Mourners visited locations across Liverpool to honour Gabe with touching tributes on the day after his death.

Shrines were set up by friends and those who knew him, laying bouquets of flowers, handwritten notes, candles, pictures and cuddly toys.

One friend also drew a picture of Gabe with the message “I love you, you know” written beside it.

Another picture of the teen had a heartbreaking message typed across it that said: “You are loved and are capable of spreading love.”